Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Create a sustainable advantage with high value SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in increasing the value of your web property. SEO in the recent 5 years has gone through evolutionary changes, creating more opportunities for companies who focus on organic and sustainable growth. Growth Marketers has been assisting clients acquires sustainable growth in achieving more search engine traffic and convert visitors into leads. As mentioned before, search engine algorithms have been changed, the company is also constantly adjusting with the new dynamics so that clients can get the fruits of the latest SEO strategies.

What you need professional SEO services?

To improve the internet experience, search engines in a regular interval change the algorithms. To grab the scope, a professional SEO service provider can easily adapt to the change because it knows the science and art of SEO. SEO is not just a technical aspect of marketing, but a research based study that focuses on the latest development and foresees the future prospects of it.

We address various types of business needs and services, offering bespoke search engine optimization services, catering from small local businesses to high revenue generation conglomerate. Our tailor-made SEO services match the need of clients in accordance to their specificity. We cater to various types of clients ranging from small local SEO targeted businesses, SEO penalty assessment services, SEO consulting services, and full service turnkey along with training program.

SEO services customized to clients need

At Growth Marketers, we create our SEO strategies in accordance to the need of our clients. We basically work on two models:

We ensure our SEO strategies fulfill all engines criteria and optimize the websites in an ethical manner.

Our SEO services

1. SEO audit and competitive analysis

Search engine optimization is a complex and evolving process, depending on the regular updation of search engines. We involve and engage promotional channels through comprehensive analysis and planning. Our fixed objective and stipulated time frame make it possible to analysis clients' web properties thoroughly starting from market research, competitive analysis, analysis of web analytics, analysis of HTML and other tags.

2. Optimization of website architecture

We identify broken links, canonical errors and other search engine crawler’s roadblocks. We simplify the website architecture, making it user-friendly for all devices including latest tablets, phones and different resolutions. We give guidance about website's internal linking structure and URL structure and create authorship.

3. Keywords and code optimization

We analyze and research on proper keywords to optimize the meta tags. Our code optimization extends to heading structure, removal of redundant code, web accessibility attributes and implementation of micro data.

4. Social media integration

The most important factor in SEO in last 5 years is involvement of social media. We create a core strategy to implement and link social media to your website, involve people into your websites and building brand.

SEO Package

All pricing is excluding GST $180/Month $357/Month $644/Month
Activity Frequency Details
Search Engine Optimisation Set Up
Number of Keywords One Time As a presales effort we can provide a keyword analysis before our client approves the SEO Package that best suits their requirements. 7 15 25
Minimum Contract Period One Time In Months 3 3 3
On Page Optimisation (# WebPages) One Time Includes optimisation of URL, Title Tag, Meta Description, Header and Image tags. Y Y Y
Recommendations for Technical
One Time Recommendation will consist of - Footer structure, ease of user navigation, canonical correction, gaps between existing site structure and Google recommended webmaster guidelines. Technical corrections need to be made by client's exisiting technical team. If no technical team exists we are able to provide the service, however extra charges will be incurred for any technical change requests in line with the amount of effort required to complete them. As Required As Required As Required
Google Analytics Set Up One Time If not already set up. Client needs to provide cPanel and FTP details of the server. As Required As Required As Required
Google Webmaster Set Up One Time If not already set up. Client needs to provide cPanel and FTP details of the server. As Required As Required As Required
Broken Links One Time Include fixing all broken links showing under webmaster Y Y Y
Robot.txt Optimization One Time If not already set up. Client needs to provide cPanel and FTP details of the server. Y Y Y
Site Map Creation and Submission One Time Site map will be created both in HTML and XML. XML maps shall be submitted and resubmitted to webmaster account of Google. Y Y Y
Search Engine Submission (Google) One Time Search Engine Submission will be done for Google Y Y Y
Google Map Listing One Time Local target market is looking for local service providers. A local map listing helps you to target that audience. In the first month we will create the Clients Local listing on major Search Engines Y Y Y
Domain Authority Building
Blog Creation One Time If a blog does not exist a blog will be created on a sub domain (e.g. using WordPress and matching the website color theme. Client needs to provide FTP and cPanel details. Blog Set Up Price on Application
Guest Blog Postings Regularly GBP means posting an informative article on a third party Blog having back links to Client site. 1 Quarterly 1 Monthly 2 Monthly
Article Writing Regularly We shall write the Articles which will be about the Clients industry and subtly introduce the
Clients services and products within the article.
1 Quarterly 1 Monthly 2 Monthly
Article Submission Regularly Articles will be submitted to high PR Article directories with a back link to the Clients website. Due to changes with Google and duplicate content issues the articles may be submitted only once for each article. 1 1 2
Directory Links Regularly We do only high PR and DA Directory submissions, relevant to the clients industry. 5 10 20
Social Bookmarking Regularly Social Bookmarking will help to spread the blog posting and important social updates over web. 6 9 14
Citations Regularly During regular months, we shall find Local and national Business Listing website resources and publish your business details. 2 4 6
Blog Writing and Posting on website Monthly We shall use the Clients blog to publish informative articles on services and products of the
Clients company.
N 1 Monthly 2 Monthly
Facebook Account Creation One Time We will create a customised page to match the website theme. N Y Y
Facebook Updates Monthly We will suggest monthly updates to post in a given month. Client needs to provide feedback inwithin a week. The Client can also suggest some of the updates that they would like to share with their audience. N 1 3
Site Analysis One Time Site Analysis will highlight the gaps on the website which are either hindering Search Engines to give higher ranking to the website or obstructing user experience. The analysis shall clearly state the recommendations required to get higher rankings and better conversion rates on the site. Y Y Y
Keyword Analysis One Time Keyword analysis shall be done with mutual consultation with the Client in order to understand the keywords which will have the highest sale conversion or lead generation possibility. It would be mix of highly competitive keywords and highest conversion keywords. Y Y Y
Ranking Report Monthly We will provide a ranking analysis every month and intermediate ranking checks to assist analysis of SEO Strategy and if it is working for the Client. Y Y Y
Live Link and Activity Report Monthly We shall share all the live links done during the month, along with all activities that were done during the month. This will show that our techniques are completely White Hat and in accordance with the latest Google updates - Panda and Penguin. Y Y Y