Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Growth Marketers offers PPC Services that help you get maximum visibility and Return on Investment (ROI) through right Campaign Structure, Correct set of Keywords, better Ad Creatives, Ad Positions, Conversions, CTR, Quality Score and more.

At Growth Marketers, we have a team of campaign managers certified by Google who are experts in managing campaigns for both small firms (SMEs) and large organisations. We do in-depth research for keywords to find out what your prospective clients are searching for; suggest targeted locations for your business and optimize your campaign in such a way that you get maximum ROI and business leads and lower costs, make changes to the landing pages / design landing pages which prompt users to send business leads.

We provide PPC services on Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

On Google Adwords, we run campaigns on Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Remarketing on Search and Display Network, Youtube Marketing, Product Listing Ads (PLAs), App Promotion Ads, Dynamic Search Ads. We make optimum use of Keyword Planner, Display Planner and other tools to create and optimize your Adwords campaign.

Marketing success with Growth Marketers Pay-per-click solutions

We offer the best and affordable pay per click PPC services to our clients in India and across the globe. We don't make false commitments, we do what we say. We research about your business, we understand your business objectives, your goals, we study your competition before offering you Pay per click services.


We can manage your existing Adwords campaign, and also create new campaign if required. We provide suggestions related to your campaigns, landing pages, ad-copies, conversions and more.

Keyword research

We do keyword research using Keyword Planner and other third party tools to suggest you keywords that are relevant to your business. Keywords that have high search volume, and can get your prospective business partners.

Adcopy writing

Adcopy or creatives are very important as it prompts the user to click on the ads and reach your website. We create ad-copies with the right message, a call to action and proper landing page. Ad copies that have high CTR and are relevant to the keywords searched.


We set up conversion tracking in order to help you evaluate the ROI against cost spent on advertising. Moreover, you yourself can monitor the costs, the number of click through conversions or view through conversion, conversion rate and more.

Ad extensions

We use ad extensions like call extensions, site links extensions, call out extensions, social extensions that helps your ad to stand out from the rest and get maximum visibility and CTR.

PPC optimization

We regularly optimize your campaign whether it is changing keyword match types, changing ad copies, making changes to landing pages, adding negative keywords so that you get the business you deserve.


We send you weekly reports, give you read only access to your account and provide email and phone support so that your ad campaigns perform better at lower costs.

PPC Package

Activties 10% of budget or $297, whichever is higher 20% of budget or $445, whichever is higher 25% of budget or $668, whichever is higher
PPC Setup (Keyword research, ad creation etc) Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Creation Yes Yes
A/B testing of LP Yes
Re targeting Yes Yes Yes
Scroll tracking Yes Yes
HeatmAp Yes Yes
Session Cam Yes
Quality Score tracker Yes
Monthly report Yes Yes Yes